“I thought this was gonna be about furniture 🙃..”

“…but this is so much better!” 😆🙌🏽 This month’s Wednesday Wisdom* is inspired by a comment from a live online event I did on January 13th.

Her comment nailed what Your Aesthetic Style is about & why it’s different! 🎯 In my talk, we did a home visualization exercise, instead of me giving furniture rearranging tips and it was a hit!

Typically, when making a change to our home or outfits, the first thing we do is start researching tips, how to guides etc.

We’re eager to know what to do & jump in …but quickly lose direction & energy 🫠 It's hardest to see through to the finished look we envisioned and something just doesn't feel quite 'right'.

This is because 70% of design work is in the consultation- asking clarifying questions to specify what you really want.

In my talk I shared my journey and the origin of Your Aesthetic Style.

Eight years ago, as overwhelmed mom of two kids under two years, I kept denying how much the aesthetic of our home affected me. But through the help of Marie Kondo (love her!) I got to the root of what I wanted most from my home...."a home that inspired me to create".

Seeing that written down, I realized I wasn't a 'bad mom' for wanting that or even asking much. So I gave myself permission to start making changes and clearing space in our home. I also got a lot of help from my husband and mother-in-law to do so - asking for help was easier because I finally knew what I wanted & why.

The craziest part is that once I had that 'inspired space to create', I ended up creating a business to help other women do the same! Still gives me chills thinking about it...

There are tons of beautiful style tips out there but most important is defining what you find beautiful especially putting in all that work - you want results you’ll continuously love. 💗

But sometimes we get a bit too much in our heads about our personal style.

That’s why the ‘Consultation’ step in YAS Stylists starts with a visual quiz via Pinterest. It’s a quiz designed to let your eyes remind you of what they love most ;)

If you find yourself getting stuck or too much in your head - I’d love to help you out! The two ways I can support are inside the YAS Stylists program or with a YAS Stylist in a Day personal consultation.

Lastly, here's a little style mantra to remember this month’s wisdom:

Your inspiration (what you find personally beautiful) is the starting point of personal style - always" 💗.

Lots of love,


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