It's a VIBE...and it's finally

Hi Reader :)

Just popping in, as promised, to let you know that the VIBE class is up *finally*!

As a thank you for being on my email list - you get first access to it with no need to sign up ;)

Watch the VIBE class now

Curious what the big deal is about this VIBE class? In a nutshell, it's two things:

1) A FUN way to experience the perspective shift used to redesign anything

2) Shows the expansiveness of aesthetic style and how I teach it in YAS Stylists

Enjoy! And I'd LOVE to see a photo of the outfit you create :) You can reply to this email, dm me or post it on Instagram/Facebook with #vibebeforeyoubuy

If you do so, I'll send you 1 gift item of your choice from these digital products: Wall Decor Mini-course, Playroom Redesign, or Office Redesign.

YAS! So excited to see what you create!!

Lots of love,



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