The most underrated gems in our homes...


Can you guess what those gems are?? Here's a also starts with 'W' syncing perfectly as this month's Wednesday Wisdom* topic:




Our walls are hidden gems in our homes...just there waiting, full of untapped potential..

In fact, adding to our walls is one of the simplest ways to transform a space; adding a new 'wow' factor.

The reason walls are gems is because they speak directly to your eyes! Our eyes literally go there first, especially if items are hung at eye level. (eye level = 57 inches from the center of your frame to the ground)

With September and fall season right around the corner...what a great time to give your home, especially your walls, a little love. πŸ₯°

And you know... I've got a mini-course that's all about this! Taking away the guesswork by answering 'what to hang where' and 'how to make it look great...' this week only, I'm throwing in a fun 'back to school/work' bonus!

From today until Monday (September 4th) night, when you purchase the wall decor mini-course, you'll get the Office Redesign guide too.

Two great home resources in one bundle, to keep the decor inspiration flowing into your office lol OR save that project for another weekend ;)

If you've been waiting for a 'sign' to hang up that art/photo/hat/guitar that's been sitting in your closet...well this is your sign (*literally*πŸ˜†) to put it up on your wall, no more waiting!

It's a 100% worth the time and if you want more inspiration or support - I got you covered inside the wall decor mini course. Happy Wall..Happy Fall!



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