Want a different a view? *free tracker inside*

published6 months ago
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It's been more than a minute...more like YEARS lol since sending out a Wednesday Wisdom* email but I'm BACK, with a gift too!

Revamping my business has been unexpectedly eye-opening. Funny how I'm quick to empower others to trust their unique style but hard to recognize when I need it myself :)

It got me thinking, that this is precisely why observation is so powerful because often the things closest and most familiar to us, like :

  • our homes
  • our outfits
  • our family & friends
  • ourselves...

can be the hardest to objectively observe. The psychological term for this is 'cognitive blinders' our mind ignores 'unrelated' aspects of the environment to focus on what's most necessary for our daily routines.

So if we wanna shift an area of our life, like your home, it starts from observing that area differently. This is EXACTLY what I love supporting you with!

While revamping YAS Stylists I wondered what could be a simple 'quick win' to tap into the power of observation AND remove a few 'cognitive blinders' towards our homes and outfits.... the result?

'Track Your Aesthetic' an interactive digital tracker!

Annd since you're already on my email list. I'm gifting it to you! Just click & enjoy :)

(NOTE: Make sure to go to 'File' then 'Make a Copy', there's a tutorial to help )

Lots of love,


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