Want a Happier Home? Start with Gratitude

publishedabout 2 years ago
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Hi Reader

It's been awhile since I sent out a blog post - mainly due to writer's block! So I started browsing past live streams and found this gem: 3 Tips for a Happier Home

The very first tip is 'Start with Gratitude' - appreciating what you already have in your home rather than what you don't have. Unfortunately, the latter thought, what we're lacking in our homes tends to dominate because it's so easy to look around our homes and fixate on what we don't like.

"I'd love my kitchen more if the counters didn't get so cluttered with stuff!" OR "My entry could be such a pretty space but I never have time to do anything with it!"

Repeating these phrases over and over about our home creates a thought pattern: "If this _____________ was _____________ then I'd feel happier about my home."

When in actuality it's this very thought pattern that blocks us from feeling happy about our homes by associating our home with more negative feelings than positive ones.

One way to shift away from that is thought pattern is to pay more attention to the areas of your home that you love. Take time to observe some FAVORITE areas of your home. Reflect on what you appreciate about those and how you can enhance them even more.

For example, if it's a favorite window maybe you can add a nice chair or decorative pillow by the window to draw your attention even more to it. Start with gratitude and see where it leads you!

For the other 2 tips for a Happier Home watch the full video. For those of you living in the United States, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Lots of love,


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